Foodsharing Delft

How does the foodsharing work?

What? We pick up leftover food (they cannot sell anymore) from our partners: currently Odin, Ekoplaza & four stalls at the market. We then bring the food to our fridge at Nieuwelaan 50 and share it; with others, by organizing dinners together, or by using it at home.

When? Every Saturday afternoon,

How to participate? Please read all the information below and join the WhatsApp group (that’s where we coordinate). Try to not leave any edible food behind (but also don’t take obviously spoiled food).

How much do I have to carry? It’s great to bring a big backpack, some sturdy big bags you can hang on your handlebar, and/or saddlebags. There is also a shared cargo bike (bakfiets) you can use (ask one of the WhatsApp group admins about it in a direct message). In the end you can manage as much as you can and not more. If you see you cannot carry everything, message the group. Probably someone can help you! If you can and the opening hours allow, you could also do a second tour.

Can I take any of the saved food? Yes, please 🙂 Once we’re all at the fridge, everyone can pick some things out, that they will eat for sure. Please make sure you leave enough for others and do not only take the prime pieces. Only take large quantities, if it looks like nobody else is going to. Remember that some people will also come later or the next days.


Melons in bakfiets

Please remember

Please don't leave the fridge like this.

Respect the location! The Nieuwelaan community is nice enough to host our fridge, let’s not make them regret it! So, don’t block the entrance for the inhabitants and don’t be too noisy. When you leave, make sure the place is clean: bring any empty boxes and the bio-trash to e.g. the containers in the close-by Agnietenpad. Don’t use their trash containers.

Return deposit containers! If you took any product in a deposit (statiegeld) container, please return it to the crate under the benches, next to the fridge! Otherwise our partners will stop giving those to us!

If I cannot help, is it ok to take? Yes, but please be considerate and help when you can. We are e.g. usually short on helping hands during the holiday periods! You can also help by cleaning the fridge (which you can pretty much do whenever you want).

You can also bring your own food! For instance if you go on vacation and have some leftovers, or if there is a lot of some food one week and you preserved it (check the recipe section).

If you can’t make it to your pickup, communicate! Someone can probably help. Our partners rely on us doing the pickups.

Our partners


Odin in Delft is a food-cooperative (customers can become co-owners), driven by ideals. Their motto is “winning is not all about money”. In that spirit, they also hate food-waste.

They ask us to return deposit bottles (milk), so if you can manage, please pick them up from the fridge before.

Every Saturday at 17h15-17h30 we go there to pick up whatever they could not sell in time. Please let an employee know that you are from Foodsharing and that you will go through to their fridge-room. It is in the back on the right, next to the cheese counter. Proceed through the door and the fridge will be to your immediate right. If you are unsure what is for Foodsharing, please ask. The deposit bottles can go in the crates on the left side of the fridge-room.

Quantities vary, but usually it is too much for a single person (if you do not have a cargobike/bakfiets).


Ekoplaza is a chain all over the Netherlands. They offer 100% ecological products for the health of their clients and the environment.

Every Saturday at 17h we pick up whatever they could not sell. Please let an employee know, that you are from Foodsharing. They will take you in the back-room and bring crates out. It’s usually a mix of spoiled and not yet spoiled vegetables, so you have to go through it yourself to pick out what is still good. You can leave spoiled food behind in the crates. The employees take care of it later.

Quantities vary. Often a single person can be  enough, but sometimes it takes a second one.


Every Saturday there is an open-air farmer’s market in the city center. We work with four market stalls there.

At 17h we meet at the south end of the Brabantse Turfmarkt on the Turftonstersbrug. The first stall is the fruit&veggy one on the right side of the Churro-stand, right next to the meeting point. The second one is the fruit&veggy stand in the left lane, across from the kitchen ware shop. The third one is the bread stall in the right lane, across McDonalds. The last one is another fruit&veggy stall in Burgwal, across from the bierfabriek.

Please note, that some days are busier than others, and the stalls might want to continue selling a bit longer. In that case we have to wait a bit before we can start.

The bread stall people are often already gone, but leave some bags of bread out for us.

Quantities can vary a lot, but preferably we have at least one or two cargo-bikes/bakfiets there and a few more people on foot or regular bike. Sometimes we still need several tours (fortunately it is close to the fridge).

Chat groups


If you want to participate, please join this group, as all activities are coordinated here. Please keep all chatting in this group strictly to pickup organization, fridge status updates, official foodsharing events, etc. No advertising of related events etc.
Scan the code with your phone or tap/click it:

Don’t forget that you can mute groups, when you get too many pings.


For all other foodsharing-related chatting (advertising of related events, green roomsharing offers, etc), you may join and use this chat.

Scan the code with your phone or tap/click it:

Food distribution / The Fridge

After picking up the food, please bring it to our Fridge in the Nieuwelaan 50, near the Sint Sebastiaansbrug (see map). Everyone is welcome to take or leave any food they no longer need at any time. When using our community fridge, we ask you to follow our guidelines (posted on the fridge).

What to do with the food?

Foodsharing events

We try to host regular foodsharing events, such as dinners where we cook together with the food we collected.

To stay up to date, you can check the calendar, but we also post in the WhatsApp groups about this.

Need recipe ideas?

We’ve gotten tons of avocados or mangos (once again!) and you have no idea what to do with them? Well, that’s what we have our recipe-section for!

If you have any more good ideas, make sure to send them our way!

Thank you for being an awesome active member!